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Who We are?


The Evolution

When considering a planner for events, be it a birthday, a corporate event or a wedding, the one that walks away with the cake is always the one that has an edge above the rest. How we position, market and deliver our products decides how higher up we stand on the comparison scale.

When years of experience met creative expertise, an idea of a group of companies was birthed. A group that would be a one-stop destination for any and every media requirement be it of an individual, a corporate or an entity. Fertilized by willpower and the determination to make it happen, the three divisions under the brand name The Palladium Project came to be.

The Name

Every brand means something. A name, whether of a person, place, thing, idea, animal or even a feeling, conveys a certain message. The brand plays a key role in helping etch the company in consumer minds. When considering names for the group, the focus we found leant more to stability, worth and affordability.

The metal Palladium is one of the strongest metals on Earth. It’s also known to be one with the lowest melting point. Used in various industries spanning jewellery, medicines, water treatment and electronics, among others; it came across as a metal that is strong, precious and affordable at the same time.
Those very same qualities appealed to what the brand we had in mind or rather stood for: STABILITY | QUALITY | LUSTRE | WORTH |AFFORDABILITY. A round of careful research later, the name was finalized to The Palladium Project.
The group symbolizes the molecule of Palladium, composed of the various atoms in it – the entertainment divisions. These are On Stage Productions, We Create Events and Turtle Dove Picz & Filmz.

Trust Gained

Our Clients

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