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We Create was an initiative under The Palladium Project, brings with it a team of professionals who don’t just know what to do but know how to do it better than the best.
A wedding is every bride’s only day to live the dream she has been cherishing since childhood. The only day she gets to look the way she wants and be the center of attraction. It’s also the one day the groom is allowed to publicly display the love he has for the woman who will soon be his better half. That we know is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. The events unit is equipped with a team that will take you from the A to Z of your wedding, be it the Ambience, the Ceremony or the Young Attendants. It becomes our duty to ensure you have all of this within Budget and with Zero regrets.




These are just a few of the words to describe the work that the ON STAGE PRODUCTIONS will be churning out at every opportunity. Every piece of art, whether pictures or entire movie set, is each an individual bit, depicting its own individual characteristics. It is in bringing these many bits together to form the picture you have in mind that the ON STAGE PRODUCTIONS team will be of use. We don’t just say it. We deliver.



If what you are looking for in your pictures is the perfect combination of discipline and creativity with a touch of fun, look no further. Our photographers assure the right combination in every click.

The films we create go a step further and add an element of meaning in every frame. Capturing moments is what we love. Because what you have now, is only for now. It’s best captured in all its essence now before it is lost for good.

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